Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hellmuth Sells Carl's Burgers

Phil Hellmuth's Carl's Jr. commercial. "Philly Getting Paid".

Does this commercial make you want one of these burgers? 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2014 WSOP Main Event

Time to get caught up on WSOP action in Las Vegas.

THIS PAST POST covered highlights from the first 40 bracelets awarded.

Notable bracelet winners of the 24 bracelets since include: 

St. Louis product Pat Walsh is the PLO Champion of the World
Robert Mizrachi won the new Six Handed $1500 Dealer's Choice bracelet (his second). Young Dan Kelly won his second bracelet, while "Johnny World" Hennigan won the $50,000 Poker Player's Championship and the Chip Reese trophy. Phil Ivey won his tenth bracelet in the $1500 Eight Game Mix and Jared Jaffee won his first bracelet. Bracelet winner Loni Harwood's boyfriend and circuit standout Phillip Hui also won his first bracelet.

Pat Walsh (pictured at right) is from St. Charles Missouri and won his first bracelet in the Pot Limit $10,000 World Championship for $923,379 on July 06. Local good guy makes good. Congratulations!

The 2014 WSOP Main Event. This year's Main Event guaranteed the winner $10 million and 6.683 players entered. Seven days of play ended last night. Here is your 2014 November Nine.

Chip Leader - Jorryt van Hoof (Netherlands) 38,375,000

2nd - Felix Stephensen (Norway) 32,775,000
3rd - Mark Newhouse (USA) 26,000,000
4th - Andoni Larrabe (Spain) 22,550,000
5th - Dan Sindelar (USA) 21,200,000
6th - William Pappaconstantinou  (USA) 17,500,000
7th - William Tonking (USA) 15,050,000
8th - Martin Jacobson (Sweden) 14,900,000
9th - Bruno Politano (Brazil) 12,125,000

Click on a player to see their tournament history

The final nine players will play for the title on November 10.



Monday, July 14, 2014

Tekintamgac Guilty of Cheating

Ali Tekintamgac convicted of cheating at poker.
After being arrested in September on suspicion of fraud, on July 11 German poker player Ali Tekintamgac was sentenced to three years and five months in prison for repeatedly cheating at the poker table by the Augsburg District Court.

Tekintamgac — who pleaded guilty during the trial — was arrested last September on suspicion of fraud and was later accused of running an international cheating organization that operated at poker tournaments as well as during a large number of illegal live poker games organized in Hamburg.
Back in 2010, the name of the Turkey-born German player came to the media's attention after he first won the World Poker Tour Spanish Championship in Barcelona for €278,000, then was denied a seat to Partouche Poker Tour main event final table in Cannes later that year following cheating allegations. The system created by Tekintamgac and used both during the World Poker Tour and the Partouche Poker Tour involved using members of the media to relay other players’ hole cards. As can be seen from the video (link below) depicting the decisive hand of the 2010 WPT Spanish Championship, an alleged "poker journalist" was strategically placed behind Tekintamgac's opponent to spy on his hole cards through his camera. Once he had seen the cards, the reporter would then communicate them to Tekintamgac with a particular code as it can be seen at the 27-second mark:

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rambling June Thoughts

Scotty and Poker. I priced a 12 day trip to the in Las Vegas on May 13 and was happy with the numbers for Harrahs. I had planned to play three WSOP bracelet events (maybe a fourth) and sell half my action. I was all the way down to pressing BOOK then I decided to wait to talk to club member Paul Belken to verify what dates he planned to be in Vegas. Then I got bad news the following day. Like financial bad news, about $8,000 worth of bad news. Fuck me. There was no way I could go to Vegas as a result, and I am ok with that part. I am not happy about the $8000 bath I am about to take though.

Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey wins his tenth bracelet
Speaking of the WSOP, it has gone on without me and 39 bracelets have been awarded thus far. Some notable who have won bracelets include: Tennessee product Kyle Catwright (his first), Vanessa Selbst (her third), Brock Parker (his third) and Justin Bonomo won a bracelet and after finishing runner-up for a bracelet earlier in the series.  2014 WSOP Circuit National Champion Dominik Nitsche won his third bracelet and long-time Las Vegas pro Dan Heimiller won the Seniors World Championship. Paul Volpe won a bracelet in the $10k 2-7 Draw Lowball World Championship, denying Daniel Negreanu his seventh bracelet heads-up. Volpe was the only player at that final table who had not won a bracelet in their career. Tedd Forrest won his sixth bracelet defeating Phil Hellmuth heads-up in Seven Card Razz. 2004 World Champion Joe Cada won his second bracelet, Dutch "The Putz" Boyd won his third bracelet, and former November Niner Eric Buchman won his second.

Congratulations are in order. Good job James "Illinois Jimmy" Gorman on being named the new poker room manager at Lumiere Place in downtown St. Louis. And Lumiere has also made the schedule for the WSOP Circuit again for the coming season. I have known Jimmy for 20 years and I have always like the guy. Jim is easy to like. A little bird has told me the powers that be at Lumiere really wanted Gorman and this does not surprise me. #goodcall

Saturday, June 21, 2014

WSOP: Two Queen of Hearts?

A player named Chris Ruby was eliminated in WSOP $1500 Pot Limit Omaha Event #37 and Ruby took a picture of his bust hand. Funny thing? The board showed two (yes, two) Queens of Hearts. Funnier yet?

No one noticed the deck was flawed and the two Queen of Hearts on the board (at right).

Chris Ruby. after the fact, showed WSOP officials the picture and the WSOP ruled not to refund Ruby's buy in. The WSOP took the position a player must contest the hand -- and before the next hand is dealt. I agree with the call, despite the unfortunate fouled deck.