Sunday, May 6, 2012

Radio Show Archive #1

This is the archive for my first poker show.

Steve Dannenmann, Biloxi pro Will "Poker Monkey" Souther and Lock Pro Elite Melanie Weisner were our scheduled guests, then my worst nightmare happened.

Melanie was not showing up in the caller cue, despite calling in timely. She was grinding Lock Poker after returning home from EPT Monte Carlo, and enjoying a day at home in New York. Melanie did a fantastic job during her segment, and as good as guests as Steve and Monkey were, Melanie was even better...

Unfortunately, Melanie's segment did not record. We spent thirty minutes on the phone for naught, and it was entertaining as hell. Expect Miss Weisner to appear again in the future, and we will re-record the segment for your listening pleasure. My apologies to all involved, and especially to Melanie.

My mistakes on this episode included A) The introduction did not play B) The music levels were too low C) The Weisner incident really hurt my cause. This week I will be doing my homework at Blog Talk Radio, and working hard to better learn the studio. Enjoy the show with Steve Dannemann (8:35 mark) and Monkey (26:40)

EDIT/ADD 05/08: I wrote Blog Talk Radio, and this is the response I received regarding Melanie not showing up in the caller cue, "We are actively working on the issue where callers are not always appearing on the studio and hope to have this resolved very soon." This was no fault of my own, or Melanie's for that matter. During test shows, we never dialed out to connect, and that function also failed to connect me to Melanie.

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