Monday, April 16, 2012

Scotty Clark vs Todd Witteles

If you read my series "Bryan Micon vs Dan Druff" you know Witteles is also known as "Dan Druff" his former online moniker. There was a time, Witteles would use a small bottle of Head and Shoulders as a card marker gimmick, and what I have learned through all this -- the guy is a walking gimmick. This story begins HERE at his site, and I hate feeding his piece of shit site hits, but it is important I tell the whole story...

If you read the thread, you will see I have no patience for poker forums these days. They are as far from reality at times as one can venture, and anonymous posters can pretty well state any opinion they want. My history on Witteles' site ended with my response in Post #50 in the thread.

Let the war begin. This story is indicative of posting forums. So when you read about a regional player under attack in a posting forum, with anonymous players telling tales about the subject, understand there is no accountability -- and often there is some personal motivation you are not aware of as a reader. It matters not to the trolls, they are simply talking shit in forums in a vendetta frame of mind. My last post in the thread ended with a picture of Abraham Lincoln and repeatedly typing the word "Abe". It was removed from the post, and the citation at the bottom by Druff says "removed personal information". For those of you who do not know, Abraham is Todd's father's name. It is well known in DonkDown circles. Witteles immediately banned me from his little forum of less than 400 members -- like I give a shit what this bunch of know-nothings think, and you will notice the forum actually tried to recruit me before this fact.

Let the slander attack begin. Naturally the few forums members who fuel and rule Witteles' site began to attack my character. And because I am a character, does not mean I do not have character. I have counted no less than six threads at Witteles' site dedicated in my honor, and fueled by the same handful of posters. The slightest bit of research has uncovered ties to a poker radio show I will name later, along with some of their identities. The slander attack then spread to the Pocket Fives poker forum. A legit member at the forum posted links to my series "The Annie Duke File". Normally this is a no-no in forums, but a mod I have communicated with since tells me the forum decided it was good stuff and let the links/thread remain. Adam Small at Pocket Fives has always been as fair as any forum operator I have ever encountered, check him out. Then first-time poster "Pikachar" posted, "Hey aren't you the same fish from STL grinding away at the $2/$5 game?? Oh wait you got banned from another poker forum didn't you? Good Luck gaining fans! It was a good read till the author blew up".

Johnny Devine
Who is Pikachar? There is a poster at Witteles' forum by the same name, and a simple search unveiled he is none other than Johnny Devine from Louisiana. I will get back to this dumb ass later. The slander campaign would then spread to the pages of 2+2 Publishing forums. If you haven't read "The Johnny Hughes File" you should, as it is important in this story and a short read. Hughes and myself had a feud last year about this time of the year, and Hughes started a vendetta thread HERE at 2+2. One of Witteles minions bumped this dormant thread about our fued from last year over me offering pieces of my WSOP St. Louis action. The thread is a romp. Enjoy.

Yesterday, I sent the Skalansky Family an email. Poker Author and Legend David Skalansky owns the 2+2 Publishing along with Mason Malmuth. I will let you know how it goes and be sure to tune in later for Part Two in this series.


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