Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kyle Cartwright Wins Ring #4

This guy. How the hell does he do it?

Kyle Cartwright won his fourth WSOP Ring yesterday in St. Louis, in Event #10 for $53,354. Kyle is also the defending WSOP St. Louis Main Event Champion, and he won two rings last year at the Tunica stop. Wow, can this guy play, and this $1090 event was loaded with talent as "the heavies" are now in town for the Main Event.

Amanda Musumeci from the Philadelphia area finished fifth, good for her fourth cash here in St. Louis, and her ninth cash on the circuit this year. Chicago area native Musu "Mike" Mustafa finished fourth, and he is probably best remembered for a confrontation with floormen and Prahlad Friedman at the 2010 WSOP Main Event.

Mustafa protests
Ted Bort and Prahlad Friedman were the players in this controversial hand. Bort went allin on the river with the board of 6 J 9 5 2 and would go on to call the clock on Friedman. Prahlad obviously made the call with one second left, but the floorman called Friedman’s hand dead, saying time had expired (oversight). Mike Mustafa took the lead and argued with WSOP staff that Friedman had made the call before time expired. An ESPN replay showed Friedman had called in time, and it also showed the dealer saying, “He called.” I met Mike in Hammond last year and told him he was absolutely right. He kind of look at me with a "no shit" grin. I absolutely love guys like Mustafa. While Bort and the rest of the table let it happen, Mike was adamant and boisterous about what is right, is right...

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